We’re going on a mouse hunt!

Once again I’m busy helping to run the family Christmas event at Preston Manor in Brighton. I’ve been involved for several years now with this seasonal shindig. I even come along on my days off to help out,  joining a fantastic team of people helping to bring that special magical experience to hundreds of local children.

It’s not just seeing Father Christmas here in the beautiful Drawing Room of this Edwardian home – we have other activities (dreamt up on a pretty non-existent budget) – all helping to show off Preston Manor and provide enjoyment for all the visitors (from babes in arms & first time parents, to early teens who really are too cool for school with their younger siblings) plus their families. A major success this year has been the Mouse Hunt!

I made the little mice a few years ago and sold them at a few craft fairs. A dozen of these mice have been hidden (in plain sight) around Preston Manor for the children to find. They just need know who they are looking for! I photographed the mice and designed up the Mouse Hunt name sheet. It’s been great watching the children (and adults) looking for the mice – and being so excited when they’ve found them all. Midnight Mouse is probably the one that is most difficult to spot  but there’s always a big smile when he’s finally seen (right in front of your eyes).

Two more days  of this event still to go –  two very busy days as the ‘sleeps till Christmas’ get fewer and fewer. The mice are still hiding!


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