Winter wonderland

One of the aspects of dressmaking that I really enjoy is deconstructing a garment in order to re-make and adapt it into something new.  I turn over methods in my mind and have often made the whole thing in my head before it gets to my workroom and sewing machine!  The blue dress that I wrote about in my previous blog (the one with the corset style lacing) was a case in point, and I knew that I wanted to make this style of dress again.

I had a vibrant pink double duvet (originally Ikea) lurking in the bottom of my fabric stash. This was the material for the re-make outfit. I took a pattern from the original blue dress, adding the corset tie variation from the cutting out stage, and determined to shorten the skirt length, cutting it to knee length to wear it with my pink 1950s petticoat.  For this dress I have used metal curtain rings not D rings to hold the equally bright ribbon ties!


Not long after this I  found a lovely double duvet (£4 from my local Emmaus charity store) with a pretty winter countryside pattern. On one side the design was white on grey, and the other grey on white. The duvet was brushed cotton, perfect for the winter season, and I set about using the same pattern for yet another variation of the dress.

This time  I decided to set in a zip at the back and not corset ties. As I wasn’t sure which colour way I liked most I adapted the cutting of the pattern to use both designs in the one dress. I took my cue from the cross bodice, with the right shoulder piece grey on white, taking it around the pattern pieces to the back of the dress. The key to not getting the pieces mixed up was to lay them out in order and sew each in turn, first joining the two-tone pieces before sewing them to their neighbours. You can see the layout in the photograph below.



Pattern pieces laid out ready to sew


The finished dress

My final touch was to use a bolero pattern (than needs no fastening) to make a neat little top to go with the dress. The bolero is lined in dove grey, and has broad white sections to the sleeve ends. Such an easy pattern I think I shall make more, especially as it’s such a good way to use up those last few remnants.



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