Printing a portrait

The new season for my Camera Club has started, and last week was the first of the print competitions. I’ve taken so few photographs of late that finding images that I think are good enough to submit is becoming tricky (especially as I have been moved up into the advanced group). I also knew that I couldn’t attend this particular week to hear the judge’s comments, but I was still going to put two prints in.

Looking through my photo collection I returned to a shoot that I did a couple of years ago when I had three wonderful young women to model my handmade  hats for me.  One of the images caught my eye – Natasha in the green hat. I decided to work with it and see what I could do to present it to the judge.

The image is a sensitive portrait as well as being a product shot. But I didn’t want to print it in colour. All prints have to be presented on a backing board, 40 x 50cm, but I wanted decided to print it small.

The final image is more sepia than black and white. The bottom image shows the relative size as it sits on its backing board (though it’s a quick snap on my phone so the light is showing badly). The image is printed 12.5cm square (5inches). I mounted the print on another piece of mount board, blackening the cut edges, then positioned that on the backing board.

The club results are always emailed after the event, and after a couple of days they came through. I don’t know what the other images submitted were but My Portrait of Natasha scored 19/20. I’m happy with that. My second image – well, let’s just say it wasn’t as high!

P1230553Portrait of Natasha by 04A Chrissie Berridge

New Tasha.jpg



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