Dipping my feet into time

Before I embarked on my current sewing frenzy I spent a fair amount of time taking photographs. I seem to have got out of the habit of late – and when I do – it is via my iPhone rather than what I refer to as my ‘big camera’. But the two hobbies coincided today.

Killing time waiting for my dinner to cook I played around with an image I’d taken of my latest bargain duvet. The duvet had a multiple clock design on one side, and digital time signals on the reverse. As usual I snapped an image of it on my iPhone, but this time included my feet. The duvet will inevitably become a dress – I’m yet to decide what style. But using my Pixlr app I converted the image into various different colour ways, including monochrome and collage. It’s an app I use often to to create a variety of artwork pieces, and quick images for social media (where the collage feature is particularly useful).

I like the way it looks as though my feet are dipping into a pool of time! I think this photograph may end up as a canvas print at some point, particularly as a single circular image (which I’ve simply multiplied in the example above).

Taking photographs comes in handy when it comes to my publicity work for Heber Opera (heberopera.co.uk). I’m currently working on a poster design for their next production – Rigoletto – in May 2018. It’ll be the fourth poster that I’ve designed for their major productions; having done Rusalka, The Pearl Fishers, and Faust (as well as concert & fund raising posters too). It’s also good to get away from my sewing machine that still appeals to my creative streak!


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