Bottoms up!

There’s been a pair of linen trousers in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years. I love the colour, but I haven’t worn them for ages. I have a sneaking suspicion that they make my bum look big. So they kept getting left hanging, and several times have been consigned to a charity bag only to be taken out because I really do love the fabric.

It was the same with a skirt I’d bought for £1. I loved the bold flowers on their black background. But this time the skirt was  on the tight side so remained unworn, but I couldn’t just pass it on because I liked the fabric pattern. In my current sewing spree (which threatens to get out of control!) both garments have been reappraised.

The blue trousers are now a top, perfect for the summer – and being plain (much needed in my wardrobe to help coordinate outfits). As before I adapted the bodice section of my favourite dress pattern  but making it less tight. The bias binding strip has been cut from an old pillowcase. Bias binding is so easy to make and a good way to finish armholes, hems and necklines. There are little devices that you can buy to help form the strip too.

The skirt has also become a top. I cut off the waistband and removed the zip. I had to carefully open up the pleats in the top of the skirt using a quick-unpick, to give me a full length of fabric to work with.

I’m particularly pleased with this particular pattern (included in New Look 6080). It couldn’t be simpler or quicker to make. Although I put a short zip into the back  the instructions don’t call for it. It will make it easier to take on and off.

I kept the original care label and sewed it into a side seam (though I do know how to wash cotton!) something that I try to do with most outfits. I’m particularly happy with the cap sleeves here. I shall be returning to my fabric stash to make this top again. Once more I’ve created new from old and I’m delighted with my new wardrobe additions, and just in the nick of time with a summer holiday to plan for.


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