A little sew & sew

I’ve been busy with various sewing projects in the last  week which has been very satisfying.

Having had remnants of a fabric with a bicycle design on for a while I thought that it was high time that I used it up.  Some of the fabric went to make a new top – one based on the bodice section on my favourite dress pattern (as done so with the London Underground fabric). But there was sufficient left over to trim two existing items of clothing. I cut a pair of trousers shorter and edged them in the bicycle’s contrast design (stripes). Then I added panels of the fabric to a lightweight blouse. The blouse was very transparent originally so this reduced that effect. I now have a set of three summer garments which co-ordinate. If you’re new to sewing this is one way of adapting existing garments that will give you confidence to try more!


Last week I bought a very long pinstriped pencil skirt in a charity shop but it was only when I got it home that I realised that it had a small L-shaped tear, each side of which being about 1cm. The cost of the skirt was negligible but the tear would notice if I’d sewn over it as a repair. I thought about using the skirt for it’s fabric and re-inventing it as a new garment. But the solution that I chose was easier – and could be one for anyone who has a tear or a small stain on a garment that they love, that proves obvious to the eye! I repaired the tear using a backing of iron-on interfacing, then did a zig-zag stitch over the top. Then I carefully sewed on a length of braid (gross-grain ribbon) down the whole length the skirt, going over the top of the repair. In the braid I had created a loop in which to make a flat bow as a decorative feature.




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