A hem!

We’ve all seen those beautiful long column-like dresses, often with geometric or floral designs, in a slightly stretchy fabric – but often way too long! Does the retail market think that all women are over 6 foot tall? OK, maybe I’m just a short-arse, but this gave me an idea when I saw a brightly coloured dress at a bargain price.

Like everyone else I’m glad that the days are lengthening, and with the prospect of summer holidays with my lovely boyfriend, I thought the dress would make a welcome addition to my wardrobe. The original length was about floor length plus two inches trailing! I could have simply turned up a hem to make it floor length (and avoiding the trip hazard). I could have made it ankle length to still give that flowing evening appeal. But, I decided, if I took it up a ‘knicker’ height I could still rock the frock, but gain some matching undies in the process!

I love making knickers – it is so simple and there are plenty of instructions on the internet (I used this site http://verypurpleperson.com/2013/01/tutorial-sewing-panties/). If you are already adept at making your own clothes, simply de-construct a pair of knickers that you know fits, and re-make! Or you could make some as presents for others using inexpensive pairs (Primark?) as your template to work with.

I recently made a couple of pairs with a matching camisole top from a beautiful black stretch lace, another super fabric to get creative with. But I’ve made loads from various garments with a little stretch in them as long as the pattern has appealed. I’ve used ordinary elastic although you can buy ‘fancy’ edge elastic specifically for underwear it’s not vital if you have a stash of ordinary elastic available. Cutting off the length of fabric from this summer dress gave me enough fabric to make two new pairs of knickers.

I noticed on Facebook this morning a link to a pattern for a retro-style bikini, now there’s some more food for thought! Those summer days are going to be fun!

Summer dress


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