It was just too good a shirt to be wasted! When my lovely boyfriend handed over a shirt that was rather too snug a fit I just loved its fabric design. It had a montage of tiny photos of punk singers in mono (or rather a blue/grey colour). But how exactly to use the fabric in a new guise?


Various options ran through my head, including some kind of clothing for myself, but I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to re-sculpt it and hand it back, in a wearable form. That meant one thing – yes, boxers!

Laying out my pattern pieces revealed that there wasn’t going to be enough of the punk fabric to cover, especially as I wanted to keep the photos ‘the right way up’. An easy solution came with using a contrasting fabric to form the waistband area. You’ll see that I used a red/white dot fabric – I did try the same in blue/white, and black/white, but the red was just fab. Simple, effective, job done!


And I do have a few remnants that enabled me to make this simple cross body bag (step by step instructions coming soon) so I’m happy to get my own punk piece too. 

Punk pants


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