A little spooning

This idea is so simple. It is inexpensive to do, requires practically no artistic skill, and can be personalised.

It was prompted in part when I read a feature on line about the increase in DIY weddings. There is a rise in people getting more crafty when it comes to creating their own wedding decorations, cakes and outfits. I was also amused by the concept of ‘spooning’ – that delightful intimate space that couples enjoy. And this project lends itself perfectly.

I found this set of wooden spoons for £1, but an old, pre-loved set should work as well, though the handles may need a little scrubbing and sanding before decorating. You may also need to drill a hold through the handles if you intent to hang them up.

I have free-handed painted my spoon handles – and I recognise that using masking tape for a cleaner line would have produced better results. But masking tape remains on my shopping list rather than in my supplies drawer! I painted the bold colour first using acrylic paint, leaving it to dry, before painting the white band. With the spatula I added a rub-on transfer just to see what that would look like. All three utensils got a coat of varnish over the paint to complete them.

When producing something like this for a wedding you could paint on hearts – just an outline on the spoon end, or a full motif if you’re feeling confident. You could add the names and the date of the event. Produce as a quirky wedding gift for guests by way of a place marker (stand in a jug or kilner jar). Or, just produce a colourful set for your own kitchen and brighten up those baking days!


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