Creative frenzy in space

I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of days off work, and I’ve spent a lot of time at my new sewing machine.

Having discovered how to make boxer shorts I’ve been addicted to making them. In fact, I’ve just completed another pair before writing this blog (and heading off to work). I’ve realised that this how I tend to operate – duplicating an item (and get better at making it) numerous times. That’s why I have 18 duvet dresses with a couple more in the pipeline thanks to finding even more lovely fabric (the London Underground duvet is a case in point).

But along side the boxers I have made other stuff. One of these was a halter neck waistcoat out of a Cambodian scarf. The scarf was beautiful – shiny and colourful, and made of the type of fabric that will fray like crazy if cut. But that didn’t put me off. I knew that I was


more likely to wear the scarf if it was an actual garment. Luckily I needed to use iron on interfacing in the waistcoat construction and this would also anchor the fibres. I used a vibrant purple silky fabric to line the waistcoat – and finally frog fasteners at the front as I didn’t want to make buttonholes (avoiding that possibility of fraying as much as possible).

While in Portsmouth recently I did what I like to do – trawl the charity shops. And in one I found a great pair of curtains with a base colour of deep blue and a spaceman/rocket/planet design. Great quality fabric! And it is now one of my signature duvet dresses. This time I didn’t line the bodice but instead sewed flat fell seams, and bound the neckline, armholes and hem in a contrasting burnt umber bias binding. I did add pockets as usual. Worn with one of my 50s style net petticoat underneath it’s a dream. And there is plenty of fabric left to play with!

Coming up in the near future will be using the amazing nasturtium fabric from IKEA. It was billed as a tablecloth but reduced in the sale to just £2.50! These flowers were always in the garden when I was growing up so they have a massive nostalgia factor too.


In between sewing I have continued to make bread – and just turned out a wonderful beer loaf (using London porter instead of water)! So much to do and it’s all great fun! Just now work stops play.


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