I’ve completed my first project using my new sewing machine – boxer shorts! And they are so easy to make.

My boyfriend is a fan of the boxer so it was one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments when I realised that I should make a pair for him – testing my new machine at the same time. I looked into buying a paper pattern for making boxer shorts, but at £9 I thought that was a bit steep for what was a simple garment. When I looked on line (and visuals on You Tube) the various tutorials made the construction look so easy. All I needed was a pair of boxer shorts to take apart and use as the new pattern. This striped pair were to the scaffold!

Using a seam ripper I deconstructed the old boxers. One of the problems with worn fabric is that fabric can easily tear. Wanting to keep the shape intact I ‘mended’ torn areas with patches of iron-on interfacing. I ironed each piece, picking off as much as the old thread as I did so. The boxer shorts are made up from four pieces – and I labelled each with a pen on the reverse (front & back, left and right). The trickiest part of the construction is the fly so I checked how to sew this on a few video tutorials before I set to with my machine.


Having made knickers before (very easy and very satisfying) making boxer shorts is even easier, there is less elastic to sew in for one thing. I bought an elastic I hadn’t used before- with a soft side to go against the skin – so I didn’t need to thread the elastic through a casing. Instead I pinned the elastic at the centre back, front and the two sides, and stretched it as I sewed it against the inside of the waistband.

I’m pleased with the results (bespoke tailoring for my favourite model!) and have made a couple more pairs since – getting better at doing so by creating flat fell side seams for a neater finish. I was able to use up some of my fabric stash in making these first pairs, but I’m looking forward to sourcing new designs too. Boxer shorts take so little material that it’ll be a great project for those fabulous fabrics that I can’t resist! And it is just brilliant to have a working sewing machine again!


Out with the old


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