It’s a wrap!

I’ve learned over the years that wrapping Christmas presents late at night (especially on Christmas Eve) is a thankless task, with the joy ebbing away as the clock ticks towards midnight. So much better to set to with paper and sticky tape first thing, and today was my day for doing just that.

The overall look of the pile of wrapped presents is rewarding and I’ve applied my Creative Whirlwind brain (thanks Viva Lewes! See a previous blog) to come up with my 2016 look. The paper element involves a 99 pence roll of red/star wrapping paper from Lidl (fantastic value as it is substantial brown wrapping paper with the coloured design), a roll of standard brown paper, and old front cover designs from my days as a magazine editor. I have a dwindling pile of these A3 sheets – too good to throw away with the paper quality.

With one large present I wrapped it in brown paper with a decorative paper end – adding a decorative paper heart on the opposite end rather like a stamp! This is a good way of using up those small pieces of wrapping paper that are too small to wrap anything! Another present fitted neatly inside an old kettle cardboard box (that I’d already saved under the ‘useful’ category) except that I had undone the box and re-folded it cardboard side out, printed side in – adding a large colourful paper heart to the front.


With several smaller presents destined for the same person I used a variety of papers, piling them up and containing them with a foil ribbon trim. The final touch was securing a small bar of chocolate under the bow (in previous years I have used chocolate coins). For the gift label I delved into my store of art postcards. I used to have these on display but inevitably they have ended up in a pile in the cupboard. So, cutting many in half and punching a hole through they are re-used as gift tags.

Now I can save Christmas Eve evening for more enjoyale activities!


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