Bother with my Brother

My sewing machine has developed a fault – and the ‘spare’ one in the attic is equally afflicted. I’m half way through a sewing project  and with a free evening which I’d hoped to spend crafting,  so it’s annoying that I can’t continue. I’m going to have to get the machine (my usually reliable Brother) serviced. I’m sure it was done not that long ago (though equally I know that time really flies) but it’s a faff, and it won’t be done in a day either.

Itching for the craft fix I did at least complete another project – one I’ve blogged about before (the brooch holder – you’ll find  step by step instructions). Well, I say one, but I made two. I’d picked up the gold photo frames for 50 pence a while ago so it was good to get them finished thanks to my glue gun and some hand sewing. But I’m going to have to find the time to get the Brother mended. I can’t be without it for long!



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