I’ve been framed!

I’ve switched off the radio as it is full of coverage of the US election results, too depressing to hear more. Instead I have turned my attention to finishing a project that has been long overdue. Some months ago I bought a set of six, double sided photo frames from a charity shop that were hinged together to form a multi-display (originally from Next). Each frame was just 2in by 3in.


I liked the chunky wooden frames and realised that it would be very easy to de-construct the frames into their individual elements. Having removed the hinges, and the pivoting posts, I filled in these holes with Polyfilla, and in turn painted the circles with dots of acrylic paint. And then the frames sat on my work table for months!

This week I selected the images from my photo art collection and got them printed out – putting two images onto a 4in by 6in print. Having cut them into individual images it took a little while to sort them into pairs for each frame. It was at this point I realised that the actually aperture was of course smaller than the 3×2, so a little judicial cutting was required.

With the images in place I am pleased that my favourite photo artworks (each image itself is a combination of several photographs which I have taken and then adapted) can be shown off in this way. I think of them as little gems of creativity!


I am keeping an eye out for more small frames. I have just found a triple frame (again with 2in by 3in apertures) and will used it to frame a sequence of images. This project has created a mini art gallery on my shelves!


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