My day wasn’t going as planned. Poor timing led to the cancellation of brunch out in town. No timing led to an aborted photo session (I couldn’t get my wireless shutter release to release!). Instead, a wealth of domestic tasks looked to be the highlight of the day until saved by a simple project.

Several weeks ago I had picked up a couple of storage boxes, clad in a bright jungle with parrots design. Not to my taste. I’d been keeping an eye out for a replacement paper to re-cover them with. Yesterday I found it – an old, paperback copy of DH Lawrence’s famous work, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Old paperbacks have a great patina with their yellowed pages rather than the crisp white of a modern novel.



I didn’t pay any attention to the precise words on any page, but merely tore pages from the book, shuffled them, and tore them into smaller pieces. These I decoupaged to all sides of the two boxes (including the insides) using some leftover wallpaper paste. I shall leave them to dry throughly overnight before applying a coat of varnish.

Simple project. Creative need satisfied. Effective storage ready. Since these boxes can often be found in charity shops at bargain prices, it’s easy to create a matching set using this idea. Any paperback pages will do, just pick a favourite!




An afternoon with Lady Chatterley


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