Hitting a wall

This year I don’t think I’ve ever taken so few photographs!  It’s so frustrating but a combination of work hours and inclement weather has meant that I haven’t been in the right place at the right time with camera in hand. And sometimes, when I have been out and about I’ve lost the enthusiasm. I’m sure this is common to many creative types – we can’t necessarily be creative all of the time however much we’d like to be.

But something that I have enjoyed doing is looking again through my photograph portfolio and using these as a basis to create new artworks. I’ve been using my favourite Pixlr app to blend the pictures together (there are lots of other software programmes that must do this kind of thing). And while the results look good on screen I took a chance turning one onto a canvas print when one of those ads popped up on Facebook (instantprint). It seemed a really good deal so I took a punt and sent off my image.


The 50 x 70cm canvas came back a few days later and I haven’t stopped grinning since I put it up on the wall. It is better than it looks on the computer screen. It combines several of my favourite images including Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, a local wildflower meadow and my favourite mannequin image. It will certainly remind of Summer 2016.

I will be doing more of these canvas prints even as the photo blending technique has opened up a whole new avenue of creativity. Hurrah for that!



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