Super Sonic

I came across two fabric remnants bearing the very colourful Sonic the Hedgehog design a while ago (£2 – love a bargain). I am not a fan of the computer game character but the striking design was a winner with me. I wasn’t sure that the pieces were big enough for my usual dress pattern, so I put them to one side and got on with other projects (including some creative image making, which you can see at

When I discovered the 1950s net petticoat I knew that this provided (in part) a solution to Sonic. With enough fabric in the skirt the net petticoat wears like a dream. I’d already been eyeing up an existing skirt to see how it added volume at the hem but not at the waist. Thank God for the godet!

IMG_6828I used the bodice pieces from my usual dress pattern (New Look 6020 for anyone who wants to try it for themselves) but created my own skirt pieces based on that skirt. By adding godet panels in a contrasting fabric to the limited Sonic design I could create the skirt section of the dress. And, now that I’ve worked on the skirt section separately I know that I could make just a skirt using the same method – attaching to a curved waistband to finish, with a shorter zip to provide closure.

In the photographs the red fabric with the orange rings is the additional godets – ideally these should be the same weight as the main fabric, but with the petticoat beneath, this gives enough support. When making up the design I did my usual adaptations – adding a back zip and pockets. With the 1950’s petticoat to finish off the look, I’m ready for a catwalk swirl!

I’m now returning to some of my older dresses to open up the seams and insert godet panels to give more volume.



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