Power dressing

I am always drawn to a vibrant fabric pattern, and that’s how several ‘Superhero’ designs have become part of my wardrobe. But recently I picked up a ‘Peppa Pig’ child’s duvet for just £1. It was all surgery pinks and very different from the strong hues of Doctor Who, Spiderman, and the Marvel comic characters that I have so far worked with. But I wanted to try a new dress pattern and chose to work with Ms Pig.

The dress pattern was easy – once I’d sorted out the sizing to make it work for my height (not the 5’8″ standard). The dress is fitted and lined and quick to sew up. But while making it I realised that the lower part could be used to make a slim skirt. And with this in mind I could make use of some other remnants in my fabric stash.


A while back I made one of my duvet dresses using a cover featuring The Incredibles. It has been much admired when I’ve been out and about wearing it. The reverse of the duvet carried a repeating pattern, unlike the single design on its front. I chose this fabric to try the skirt pattern. I used the yoke (from another pattern – also used in my recent hareem pants project) to create a waistband, and inserted a zip at the back. I also added small pockets, edged in bias binding. But my favourite addition was the kick pleat at the back. A fun touch was to take the ‘i’ from Incredibles and use this to cover a ‘self cover’ button. The skirt is lined – which meant that I effectively had to make the skirt twice, which is rather a chore, but does make the skirt feel lovely when being worn. Having kept the original care label from the duvet I sewed this into the internal seam as a finishing touch.


Having got to grips with the fit of the skirt, it was easy to run up another version. This time selecting another power hero fabric in my cupboard. Again, I added pockets and a kick pleat using a contrasting pattern. This skirt is also lined, and has hanging loops added.

I know I’m going to end up making more skirts like this – and am already thinking of how to make tops to complete a whole look as well as working separates.

All power to me and my sewing machine!




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