It’s a small, but satisfying make today, and one that uses some of the most sumptuous pieces of fabric in my stash.

I picked up a book of fabric samples ages ago for a just £1. Each piece was divine, richly patterned and thick in deep golds, reds, and ochres. I admit that I envy those who can afford to buy this material for their upholstery. But each piece was fairly small, and the reverse contained a paper backing strip with the details of the fabric name etc. Once this was removed there was not a lot left – but enough.

Enough for what? Well, if the fabric had been thinner it would have made the most delicious patchwork, but given the thickness they were perfect to solve a  problem at work. Myself and my colleagues are required to carry a radio and keys for evening functions. Not a problem for me – I have a lovely black velvet bag – which acts like a pocket on a string to which I can add my glasses and mobile phone.  And while the guys often have belts to attach the radio and trouser pockets for keys,  my women colleagues are not so blessed. So I have made them a solution.


I ran up several simple bags, which will more than match the spender of our working environment. When a handbag is too big, and a pocket non-existent, these will do the trick beautifully!



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