Pearly Keen

It’s show week!PFBanner

I designed the poster for Heber Opera’s production of Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers months ago. There have been two sell-out performances so far, and as usual, it’s all been great fun. One of the most rewarding aspect of working backstage is the camaraderie between everyone involved in the company. From principals, chorus, backstage and musicians (although they tend to scarper as soon as the final bows are done) it’s like a glorious reunion with each production. We have some new members in the chorus this time and it’s been interesting seeing them face an audience (and so close) for the first time. They’re all doing great!

These days my role has moved to encompass photographer, although I started out doing the props (sourcing the oyster shells being my main contribution this time). Sharp-eyed punters might recognise the Rusalka wood sprites have donated a costume to provide foliage at the shrine, as well as seaweed in our shoreline!



In this show the Director and cast have been brilliant at providing their own pieces. One of the chorus collected sari fabric  when on holiday in India – as a result the costumes are brilliant. It makes a great change for the cast to be so colourful. Many of our previous shows have been dressed somewhat dour ! I am an amateur photographer but it’s good to be able to provide a record of the opera for those performing in it. I only wish I had graphic design training as I love tweaking the images to create artwork (as with the  image below).

I can’t wait to see what the next opera might be. You can find out more at

PF1Final PF poster



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