Photographing Felix


Yesterday I grabbed my camera for a quick photoshoot. My subject was Dratz, although Dratz was actually being Felix, a person he plays when larping. For those not in the know, that is Live Action Role Play (larp), best described to the non initiated as akin to an historic re-enactment, but in the fantasy genre. Having seen photos from the regular encounters that participants have I am full of admiration for the skill and craftsmanship behind all those who take part. The costumes and makeup are incredible. I’m sure that many film studios would be envious of the skills involved in creating them. Regardless of the day job, come the battle, these guys are awesome!
Over recent years I have made Dratz a number of costumes on Felix’s behalf. There have been restrictions on style and colour, and many challenges, and I’ve been thrown in at the deep end, but I have managed to contribute to the wardrobe appropriately. I’m pleased with the robe and hood that is seen in these shots – the cowled hood was particularly good with its fabulous gold and black paisley lining.
Yesterday, I had to shoe-horn in the photoshoot between other commitments, but sometimes you just have to say ‘yes’ when the window, however small, materialises. The weather was glorious in the late afternoon as Dratz, or rather Felix, and I headed headed off to the nearest picturesque backdrop – the local church (pity though that the trees had undergone a fairly brutal chop!).
I snapped away as Felix was in playful mode (as suited his character), though with some serious, moody moments too. It was when we were eyeing up the large tomb – upon which I wanted Dratz to perch, that the local vicar strolled by, on his way to lock up the church, asked us what we were doing. We explained, and he didn’t seem too concerned as long as we ‘respected the churchyard…’ no worries, Rev!
Having taken nearly 200 photos it was quite a job to sift through them, some more successful than others..but many made me smile. But I’ve chosen a few to post here.
That Felix is quite a character!

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