It was such a lovely day today with gorgeous sunshine, and I was heading in to work. Luckily doing some stuff in the office meant that I didn’t have to be in uniform. It was such a perfect spring day that I chose to wear my perfect spring dress. Very fortunate as it turned out!

The dress was made from a fabric that I’ve long admired when they hung as a pair of curtains at my mother’s house. The design is delightful – with daffodils, tulips and bluebells on a creamy yellow background. When mum gave her room an update it was my chance to snaffle up the fabric and create my frock.

While I was in the office a call came through, there was a wedding later in the afternoon at the Pavilion, and a witness had called in sick. Would I step in? Would I? Well of course, and I felt I was wearing the perfect dress. And, unexpectedly, considering that I didn’t know the happy couple until they walked into the room in their finery, I found it all very moving, and even shed a tear or two. I put it down to the harpist playing ‘Danny Boy’ – or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic at heart!

Curtains to dress

A fabulous fit while I wear this spring garden

Witnessing a lovely day


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