Well the zip brooches went down a storm at the craft fair – as I rather hoped that they would. I explained each time to those who spotted them that the brooches were made from up-cycled zips as no one guessed their origin. And those who bought loved the fact that they came with their own display pillow. Often its that little touch that will clinch a sale, especially if the item is intended as a gift (and its never too early to shop for Christmas).


It was good to bring along some goodies that I’ve had for a while, alongside my Dratz Hats. And I was pleased that my newly-decorated hat boxes, not only served as containers to transport the hats, but they made useful display plinths too. I love hat boxes.

Of course it was too much to hope that all my crafts would sell, but the remaining zip brooches will go onto my Etsy site (https://www.etsy.com/shop/DratzHats) and I have already taken a few more photographs of them. A couple of the shots included using a vintage top hat from the 1920’s/30s that I collected from a blacksmith’s forge (I know – there’s an unexpected pairing!).

I took along my lovely neighbour, Lucienne of Lulalupin.com, who had a table to display her own visually stunning pieces (I am so in awe!). And there is nothing like shared creativity to get those ideas flowing …I so love a project!

Fair do’s


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