Zipping along on a wave of activity

I should have known that seeing the fabulous collection from Lulalupin that it would have an effect. I got going on a wave of creativity myself.

With a craft fair imminent I thought that I ought to have some items for those who won’t wear hats (I know, they do exist). In the past I have made zip brooches for my mum and sister, and when I wear my own, it has always been much admired. So I thought that was the quickest items to run up. I say quick, but they do take time…and it’s hard to reflect that in the eventual price (still working on quite what that will be). The brooches are hand sewn so a good item to be getting on with while watching TV. Although eyes being diverted to the screen has meant the occasional pricked finger. Through this I have learned that I am no Sleeping Beauty.

P1290699.jpg P1290711

I also, at long last, found a use for my dried lavender stash and have made some heart-shaped lavender bags. These make handy brooch ‘holders’ too (although I did make a number of little pillows for my zip wear). I was inspired by one my mum made – which currently is home to a fabulous bee brooch that I picked up in a charity shop, topped by a red and white spangled hair clasp.

Having been wallpapering recently at home (love my home decor) I used some remnants to cover some old hat boxes. I acquired these years ago for an opera that I was involved in. They had a modern design (it was a modern production) but it’s been on my list to re-cover them for ever. So pleased to use up paper and paste. I haven’t photographed them yet, otherwise you’d be seeing them here. When I was chasing wallpaper I had so many samples of delicious designs that it took me a while to pick. But wallpaper is such a great medium that I am now determined to keep an eye out for more boxes to cover. And I still have a vat of paste to use up!

Storm Katie had given me a ‘to do’ list as well, to add to that of her predecessors. With another fence panel keeling over – and only fit for firewood – I spent a couple of hours in my garden in the spring sunshine. Panel down and bagged up. I also took apart an old shed with a rotten roof (very satisfying). The only ones who will miss it are the local cats who like to use its roof to sunbathe on. Sorry kitties. When I get around to re-sculpting the garden I will plant some catnip for you instead.


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