What can you do when a ‘second date’ blows you out, with profuse apologies, but he’s met someone with more potential? Well, after the obvious rant as I find myself back to Square One in the dating game having barely lifted a foot off it, I turned to – not the bottle – but a spot of making up!

Such a delightful and an oh so easy project – the bow tie. Delighted that my son is a bow tie wearer, he loaned me one of his collection which was ‘just the right neck size’. This saves having to work out the tricky adjustable fastenings of the ‘multi-size’ bow tie. I did Google bow tie pattern and instructions for a rough guide but it is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a project that makes use of small amounts of fabric – and one such remnant came from my Doctor Who dress – and a piece of interfacing.

I suspect now that, like my addiction to making unique headwear at I might have a new calling!


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