Who me?

At last I’ve had some free time to finish turning the Dr Who duvet into a couple of dresses. If you’ve followed my blog you will be familiar with my favourite pattern and I ran up these very quickly.

The main design of the duvet with its all over pattern was more of a challenge to lay the pattern pieces out. I kept the top of the Tardis on the front bodice piece, aside from that it was a matter of keeping the design the right way up on all panels. The reverse with its all over pattern in the brilliant blue was easier to deal with – though for some reason I cut the pieces or sewed them – producing more of a snug fit. well, perfect fit really as long as I don’t put on any weight! With no spare material I wasn’t able to add pockets to either dress, or a tie belt but that’s small fry considering.

With the dresses done I have another project on my ‘to do list’ that isn’t sewing related. I picked up this black chair yesterday. I’ve seen similar models done with a decoupage design in a local flea market and I’d like to try something similar (and for a fraction of the price). As for what designs to apply, I’m not too sure yet – and will be searching for inspiration in all of my usual haunts. I like the idea of comic book or superhero artwork.   Then its a matter of cutting and sticking – and lots of layers of varnish!




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