I interrupted my own sewing projects (fab Doctor Who design duvet to convert) to run up a dress for a Larp event. This was an easy pattern and I think has potential for anyone with a love of adaptations with a stash of brocade-style furnishing fabric (Maria von  Trapp would love it ).


I used a white sheet with a black to contrast the yoke to fit in with the Larp theme. But the dress would be stunning in a rich patterned fabric, maybe with an added fur trim.

The Simplicity pattern is easy enough to follow with just the zip insertion to test the beginner. Those with a practiced eye can see the potential for making the front panel a different colour or adding piping to those two front seams. I sewed a silver trim over them before adding the yoke. I also decided to line the lower half of each sleeve with a contrast in black…if I’d had more of the fabric I would have lined the whole sleeve…it makes for a neater wrist seam!

The dress has a waist so care should be taken to fit the dress to the wearer and adjust as necessary because the shaping really makes this garment. The hem length needs to be adjusted in this case, but that is not difficult. I suspect it will ultimately be trailing in mud in a Larp field! The dress looks better on than it does here with me just holding it up.

The pattern includes designs for an over dress for the whole medieval look. You just need the right occasion!


Pattern placement, sewing braid, setting in the sleeve


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