The art of present labelling

Sometimes a creative touch doesn’t have to involve actually making something to be satisfying. So it turned out to be with labelling this year’s Christmas presents.

In previous years I have made use of my stash of received Christmas cards from the year before. Like many people I am reluctant to throw away the lovely designs, and so I save them, cutting them into strips and punching a hole in the end to form a label. After last Christmas I safely stowed away my cards in a brown A5 envelope ready for this year. Only this year I couldn’t remember quite where I’d put them! Since re-arranging a couple of rooms in my house I have moved various items from their usual places. No  doubt I will discover the cards in the summer!

Looking for an alternative I came across my store of postcards, gathered from museums, art exhibitions and open houses. Many of these have been pinned to my boiler, which acts as a large magnetic art gallery, the display changing during the year. I chose to use the postcards not currently on display for this year’s Christmas present labels, only keeping the designs intact. Making a hole in the corner I simply threaded a length of colourful ribbon though and the job was done.

Looking through the postcards was  a trip down memory lane re-visiting the Tate, De La Warr, Keates House, and Pallant House Gallery amongst others. No doubt 2016 will see a fresh collections ready for re-use!



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