It’s all about me

Over the last few years I’ve been creating a ‘memory box’. Well, it’s not exactly a box…it’s a glass terrarium. Inside are lots of items that are poignant to aspects of my life. These include  photographs, CD and book covers, paintings, miniatures relating to my hobbies and pastimes, even favourite foods. Today I added a new  item – a pencil topper replicating one of the main sections of the Royal Pavilion. I simply had to remove it from its pencil stem to turn it into an ornament.


Elsewhere you will see a filled sewing box (you’ll know from this blog that I am a keen seamstress), there’s a camera, lots of theatrical memorabilia (posters and props), copies of my father’s paintings, and of course a cup of tea and bar of chocolate! There are two tiny photo albums, one includes some of my favourite photos of my children, the other is a section of my wedding photos – which although now divorced, was important. The dress is a mini version of my vintage wedding gown. Having been in publishing for 14 years there are little versions of the publications I worked on, as well as enjoyed reading. There are also miniature novels that I have written. You’ll also find a lovely Rupert album, a copy of The Mikado, a Zebedee, game of Monopoly, a bottle of Cinzano, tubes of paint, snowballs, and sheep (as well as lots of other stuff)!

Photo albumTableP1270248

I’m really enjoying working on this project (and of course it ongoing), and it’s an idea that anyone can recreate. A lot of my items have come from specialist dolls’ house and miniature suppliers. But some are handmade, or created using paper material reduced on the computer. Finding the right container is key, and a terrarium like this can be seen from all sides (especially as mine sits on a turntable!).



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