I was given a free T shirt the other evening after helping with a film event. I’m not one for T shirts particularly, especially those with a logo. But I liked the iconic ‘legs’ logo (familiar to fans of Brighton’s Duke of York’s) on this one.


I knew that the T shirt would make a great pair of knickers! Any old T shirts or stretchy material can be used to make a pair of pants and it is really easy to do…just four seams (straight stitch) and some elastic (zig zag stitch) and you’re done. For a pattern  chose an existing pair of knickers that you like the fit of, and use this to draw a pattern (adding that seam allowance).

I found a tutorial on the internet and have made numerous pairs. I love wearing knickers that I know are unique (sorry M&S). It is also a good way of keeping those favourite garments that no longer fit, alive…they are re-purposed.

Out of this T shirt I ran up two pairs of knickers (taking about 20 minutes each to make). The logo and wording formed the decorative front, with plain black for the back.

So, if you thought that film was pants…now it is!



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