Pass me a sample

I envy those people who can afford those really luxurious fabrics when selecting new furnishings for their home. There are some amazing designs about…and to show these off companies produce sample books. I spied a couple on one of my jaunts today and snapped them up for £1 each. The colours of each piece are more vivid than this photo shows, the rich reds, purples and golds are so lovely!


But, being a sample book, there isn’t much of each fabric so quite how I will use them is yet to be determined – but there will be a really sumptuous hat in the mix I’m sure – ideal for the Christmas season!

I’ve taken to whizzing up a simple drawstring bag for each hat when it is sold. This is an excellent way to use up some of the smaller pieces in my fabric stash. If you haven’t seen my hats do check out Each hat will make an ideal present for those in search of something hand-crafted, one off, fun, and stylish! Don’t trawl the high street when you can browse from the luxury of your armchair – hopefully dressed in a fabulous fabric of its own!


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