A little hat of horrors

When I saw a small remnant with a skull and blue roses design I knew it would make a great Hallowe’en hat (one for the Dratz Hat range of mini top hats). The design is something different to the usual black and red…ideal for a lighter shade of spook! Why wear black when you can don an outfit of white..channel your inner, though faded, Ms Haversham.  White dress or blouse and skirt, long white gloves, boots, pearls…and this hat!
In my rummage box I had a little skull into which I glued a couple of beady eyes, and a plastic hand which serve as an adornment. Vintage netting forms a hat band. In a £shop I came across my skull model..love his comical eyes…guaranteed to provoke nervous laughter!
IMG_1127 IMG_1128

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