Playing with pictures

With my iPhone it is so easy to capture an image when my big camera isn’t to hand. I love this particular view across the rooftops as seen through a workplace window. So it was a quick snap before playing with some software to create a new image. I tried several, including a moody mono. Then I used the ‘collage’ feature to create this mirror image.

I know that those with Photoshop or Lightroom could make a better finished image than I’ve achieved here, but the process of creating this image has been very satisfying nevertheless. And I love the ability to use the creative tools at my disposal.

However, highly manipulated images are a new art form in my eyes as they move beyond photography in the sense of capturing that moment in time that was the essence of the pre-digital era. This is particularly the case when obstructions are removed from a photograph, and elements added from another photograph…it is no longer that simple moment of being in the right place at the right time. Something that is worthy of an intellectual debate I’m sure!

Blue skies and chimney pots

Blue skies and chimney pots


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