Captain Kirk’s smirk

The dress and hat that I made for Goodwood Revival was often remarked on as I walked around the event…which I can recommend to anyone who likes vintage fashions. These outfits are flattering to anyone of any age – everyone looked fabulous. Those not dressed up looked out of place. Luckily the weather was good, it wouldn’t be such fun in the rain. I could have spent a fortune at the various stalls selling clothes, hats and accessories, and i thoroughly blended in at the stall selling Union Jack emblazoned homeware. But instead contented myself with my camera – so many photo opportunities.

You can see my favourite photos here

In the giant deckchair

In the giant deckchair

A couple of days ago I was very pleased to find a duvet with the original Star Trek characters on it. I will indeed be running up an outfit that features Captain Kirk’s smirk on a skirt. When someone said to me that I should think about selling my dresses I know that this one could have ‘trekkies’ queuing up. And I’m sure there will be some off cuts of fabric remaining to run up a hat or a bag as accessories.

Maybe I should consider another stream to Dratz Hats – check it out here if you’ve not already visited:

Recently  I picked up a vibrant design featuring animals on an orange/red background. This duvet has a different pattern on the reverse which will be fun to use as well. Is there a name for a duvet collector? Or collective name for a group of duvets (a bed of duvets)? I’d love to know.

Bold and bright on the left, Star Trek on the right

Bold and bright on the left, Star Trek on the right


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