Fiendishly busy!

I’ve had so many creative projects to complete in the last few days, so inevitably I added to the work load with a complete overhaul of a poster that was just about to go to the printers.

The makeover was prompted  by the need for a media image for a forthcoming concert by the opera group that I work with. Having worked in publishing for 16 years I know how important it is to work ahead of any actual event when it comes to getting the publicity machine rolling. The opera group have a November concert and in discussions about finding an image we discussed me going along to rehearsal to do some shots of the company members (though driving is still an issue as my broken toe recovers). I thought it might be quicker to do some still life shots at home…where the inspiration was literally staring at me from the wall!

A wooden mask, with angel wings sits high on a wall, and sports another mask…remnants of other shows. It just needed the devil horns (made for a production of Godspell) from my props box and the concert’s theme would be well represented. I moved the mask from its original location and photographed it against my grey workroom wall, allowing the wings to stand out.

Having fired off a few variations, including trying a green devil mask, and tweaked them with my favourite app, I wondered how the image would look as the poster…and this when I had designed a poster for this concert weeks ago, and it was approved and ready for printing. But the idea wouldn’t go away, so late into the evening I worked on the new design. I knew it was more striking than my previous so sent it off pronto and, by the skin of my teeth, the new design  is going ahead!

A new design at the last minute!

A new design at the last minute!


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