It’s curtains for the duvet dress!

I’ve always loved my mum’s living room curtains with their pretty spring flower design. So when she said that she was going for a new look I was delighted to get one of the curtains when she changed her decor.

So, experiencing that Maria moment ┬áit was inevitable that the curtains would become, not play clothes, but another in my duvet dress mode. But this time the fit is my best yet! I’ve worked on getting the bodice perfect (something I should have done dresses ago…maybe it’s because I worked on this dress slower), as well as making the usual pocket and tie belt adaptations.

Lining the bodice was not in the pattern instructions, they referred to a facing for armholes and neckline. But lining the bodice makes for a much neater finish. It is just a matter of making the bodice again, here using a pale lemon poly cotton, and sewing it (right sides together) at neck and armholes before turning it through. The bodice lined handily covers those seams too.

With the last dress that I made (the pink Next duvet) I didn’t have enough fabric for the six skirt panels so gathered a length of fabric to create the skirt. But here there was enough just fabric so there are no gathers at the waist. With a strong pattern like this there was only one way those pattern pieces could be placed. With a plain fabric I could have inverted some to reduce fabric wastage. Always worth bearing in mind when choosing fabric for any project. The only other point is that this is furnishing fabric, so it is heavier to work with as well as to wear…again, think when considering any fabric for its purpose.

This dress is a piece of memory-wear thanks to the origins of the curtains. I love that!

A fabulous fit while I wear this spring garden

A fabulous fit while I wear this spring garden


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