Coming up roses

Suddenly time rich thanks to a broken toe means that I can get on with using some the fabric from my latest haul to create a bold summer splash for my wardrobe.

A £2 duvet, originally from Next, with a bold rose design on one side, and vivid pink the other was ripe for re-creation. I used the bodice from a favourite pattern ( although I still need to work on the fit I think. My torso isn’t as broad as I’m cutting for and I recognise that I’m sewing a smaller seam allowance than the pattern states. These are easy adjustments that I must make next time). I lined the bodice with the plain pink (creating neat arm and neck holes) and adapted it to take a zip in the back not the side. I didn’t have enough of the rose design to match the skirt pattern pieces so made my own skirt section simply gathering a length to fit, which also meant that I could add the two pockets. These are lined with the vivid pink as well as having a wide bias edging to the opening.

I have made dresses like this before with a separate tie belt, but it is frustrating creating belt loops. This time I hit on a solution and simply sewed the belt into the side seams. Now I can wrap the belt around the back to tie at the front. Or just tie at the back with longer tails to the resulting bow!

I also kept the original duvet care label and have seen that too into a side seam on the inside so keep the washing/ironing details.

A tie belt sewn into the side seams gives options for back or front bows.

A tie belt sewn into the side seams gives options for back or front bows.


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