Ali-B’s for me

I love Ali-BaBa style trousers, harem pants, whatever you call them, they are perfect for this balmy weather.

I’ve run up this pair today, starting them before work, and finishing them off afterwards. I used a really simple pattern (Simplicity 5359), although I have made them without in the past.

A lightweight Paisley fabric is perfect for this summer wardrobe essential

This pattern had a ¬†good yoke that sits on the hips, with a zip fastener to the back. It was a doddle to make and no doubt there will be more to come. I think my only regret with the pattern is that there isn’t a side seam in the leg into which I could have fitted pockets, but that’s a minor niggle.

The Paisley fabric is part of my latest haul, costing just ¬£2, and I still have a remnant left that will make a top. I may use the one I’m wearing here as a pattern…it’s been on my mind to do so for some time now. Feels good to have that creative fix as life is a little two steps forward one step back right now.


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