Haul away vintage

I love sales of remnants…and I’ve struck lucky this afternoon. I wandered along to my nearest charity store, intending only for a walk in the sunshine and an idle browse. I should have known better and bought a bag. For I struck lucky with the remnants on sale. Old fabric sample books must have been pulled apart and bagged up. I snapped up some fabulous brocades in golds and reds, as well as some pretty vintage style florals. The majority aren’t big enough to each cover a hat (always upper most in my mind) but may well be used in some kind of patchwork creation to provide hat material. I’m yet to decide. I love the swatches as they are in their graduations of colour and design…particularly the plain shades in their extensive rainbow of shades. There is nothing so appealing as fresh fabric to work with!

Florals, classics, and just wonderful material to await transformations!

Florals, classics, and just wonderful material to await transformations!



  1. I love this! I’m looking to help my readers make the switch to second-hand fabrics just like these! Can I share your find on my blog?


    • Yes, you can! Second hand sources and charity shops are ideal for bargain fabrics, especially if you are cash poor. Experimenting is not so pressured when your raw materials haven’t cost a fortune. Plus there is the joy of discovery. You need to be prepared to come away empty handed though as you won’t always find suitable stuff, but when you do it’s great. Charity shopping…helps a good cause, and brings you a bargain. What’s not to like?


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