My current obsession is making mini hats. I have so many ideas that I can’t sleep. I find myself just looking at the ones that I have made when I should be going to bed…instead I’m just tweaking with a ribbon or a bow, thinking about adding a jewel or a feather trim. I am really enjoying fabrics in this way, as well as exploring the possibilities of paper mâché and  decoupage. It’s also given me a whole new prey to hunt when I’m on the charity shop safari.

Like any creative, I am learning all the time and improving my hat technique with each one. I’m working out how best to use the different fabric types and how varnish works to alter the feel of them. Needless to say even while making these my mind is already turning over another sewing project…that one too stopped me from going to bed while I worked on a paper pattern. But that’s another story for another post!

If you want to get ahead....

If you want to get ahead….

Hat addict…is there a cure?


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