Creative insomnia

I so couldn’t sleep last night so feed addled this morning…my brain wouldn’t switch off from a couple of projects that I have started. Is this common to all creatives?

The problem with being at the start of an idea is that there are so many sides to turn over in the thought process rather than being able to hone on the one of two that will eventually make the grade. Of course the possibilities are exciting, if they weren’t none of us would make anything, but filing away those ideas is the tricky bit. I should be getting on with more serious tasks but those projects keep intruding, I feel their sharp elbows at every turn like the seasoned jumble sale hunter (jumble sales – now there’s a blast from the past!). The only positive side to mulling over all the possibilities of any project is the ability to reject ideas before actually taking the time to work them through and then abandon them. This has to be a good thing. Last night, having hit on a something, I found myself at half past three in the morning actually doing creative stuff. Luckily this morning I’m still happy with what I achieved. But I bet my energy levels will be flagging come half past three this afternoon!


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