The festive acro prop and more!

Now I can’t take the credit for this, but my friend J has had an acro prop in his front room for months…its a long story as to why. But it’s had a festive makeover for the solstice.
I think it’s stunning hung with freshly picked greenery and delightful fairy lights and vintage style baubles.
Meanwhile I’ve been working at Preston Manor’s family Christmas event. The house has really come alive now that a selection of the rooms have been decorated to suit the Victorian/Edwardian hey day of the period house. It really gives impression of what these grander houses would have seen, celebrating Christmases in the past. The dining room table gleams with silver platters and glass decanters! The tree in the drawing rooms is hung with blue and green baubles with a majestic chair for Father Christmas to await the invited guests. In the morning room stockings await their contents…so delightfully cosy in there. There’s some theatrical elements too, with fancy bird cages filled with baubles, and a vase of red ostrich plooms and masquerade masks. In the kitchens is the wedding cake that I blogged about earlier, now surrounded by clove studded oranges and fruit jellies. Yes, it is a little like Downton Abbey! I love it!

Vintage style decorations for a traditional Christmas look

Vintage style decorations for a traditional Christmas look


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