I found the time today to get on with a project that has been laying dormant for too long…the hats! All prompted by the Spiderman fabric and the desire to make a hat to match the dress ( you can see it in the quartet below).  And yes, I will post up a photo of the dress in due course…I’ve been sidetracked!

A great way to use up odd,nets of fabric...with a touch of fun!

A great way to use up odd,nets of fabric…with a touch of fun!

I already have a duvet dress which matches the blue hat with the flower. When I have got the right bias binding colour I will trim the brim and top edge of the hat to finish it off. I have matching knickers for the top right hat (but that’s another story… handmade knickers…so easy!).

The Spiderman hat I love…I think it’s the quirkiness of adding the felt spider, and I am certainly going to look out for other superhero fabric designs. This project is ideal for using preloved fabrics… Clothes that have seen better days but you can’t bear to throw out. I think it’s also a great idea for a themed party or dance event. I need to acquire some more cardboard, as this forms the skeleton of the hat, but a project like this is easy to achieve and is great for a quick fashion fix too! I will make one for my Victorian ensemble with a steampunk motif…so many ideas tumbling out now I come to think about it. What fun it’s going to be.


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