Wonderful wood sprites

Just back from the dress rehearsal for Heber Opera’s production of Rusalka (by Dvorak). And I am delighted with the costumes that the women in the chorus have produced following my instructions. Having given them 2m of chiffon (with a leaf design), a pair of leafed gauntlets, and some spare foliage, they have each created an outfit, individual but also cohesive.


creating a simple but effective costume

creating a simple but effective costume

Close up

Close up

I was also pleased with how my costume for the water gnome worked out. I painted and cut Richard’s old trousers, and teamed them up with a shirt – I cut the collar and cuffs off, and sewed up the front to create more of a hero shirt effect. But my favourite part is his crown…a length of wire wrapped in an old tie with dabs of gold paint. It resembles a twig, which I like…he is king of his pond!

Inexpensive does the trick!

Inexpensive does the trick!

The sash echoes the colours of Rusalka’s dress and is tied together with a safety pin…and a fish!


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