Bolero bother & brickwork

I love a bargain piece of fabric. When I saw a rich chestnut heavyweight fabric for just £1 in a local charity shop I had to have it. As it turned out furnishing fabric wasn’t the best choice for this pattern. The pattern, from a steampunk outfit was simple enough with just three pieces, and I thought that this coloured fabric would suit the skirt and corset that have already been made. Cutting the pattern pieces, and the lining, was easy…but sewing it with my domestic machine wasn’t quite so straightforward. My machine certainly didn’t thank me. I know that the seams aren’t pressed as neatly as I’d like due to the fabric thickness but I so love the colour and design…looking more medieval that I’d anticipated, I look forward to trying the pattern again. Next time choosing a thinner fabric and quite possibly adapting the wrist width.
The finished garment does feel very comfortable to wear..easy to shrug on and off…and a ‘shrug’ being the more trendy name for a bolero. I will be making more and I fancy making a pinstripe one to match the pinstripe bustle that I also have in mind.

Turning a tricky fabric into a garment

Turning a tricky fabric into a garment

When not sewing I have been working on the props for Rusalka, Heber Opera’s next production which is coming up in just three weeks now (Props…costume..set…and publicity this time for me. Luckily I’m a ‘can-do’ woman). With a Eureka moment moving a tall narrow bookcase provided the raw material. Covering the sides in brick effect wallpaper (avoiding the time and mess of stencilling the bricks) transformed the white exterior instantly. I have more cobwebs (hurrah for Halloween tat at this time of year) and ivy to add but I’m pretty pleased. Now I have just the ‘pond portal’ to create. Luckily I think I have the solution to that too!

Bookcase by day, opera prop by night

Bookcase by day, opera prop by night


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